My services

How can I support you or your team.

Concept / Strategy

Create analytic and well thought concepts for your collections

I will help you to create an actionable strategy for your product offerings that will not only outline your brand values but also help in market positioning of the brand.
Design / Development

Develop Designs based on Concepts in various forms. From Sketches, Flat CADs & 3D.

My experience enables us to oversee the development of the design concepts into a stunning fashion or sportswear item. I help you develop a unique stylistic brand DNA that is specifically yours. I'm fashion conscious, so will help you in developing distinctive designs that are based on the latest and upcoming trends.

My 3D virtual pattern cutting and product development techniques provide you the opportunity to streamline your current processes using a single digital asset that can be used in all manufacturing.
Using the 3D designs, all unnecessary physical sampling and shipping costs are eliminated.The 3D designs help you to reduce costs by completing styles way ahead of regular production lead times.

Development / Sampling

Develop the latest samples and prototype together until bulk productions stage.

I endeavour to facilitate a smooth production and delivery process.
I ensure that all the manufacturing process is done to the highest standards to minimise production errors.